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Digital / Variable Data Printing

With today's database and digital printing technology, it is now possible to deliver highly personalized mail pieces based on an unlimited number of criteria. What's so important about this? Studies of consumer behavior have repeatedly shown marketing that is relevant to people's lives is considerably more effective than generic marketing. Quite simply, we allow you to match your offers with your customer's likely buying preferences. This revolutionary technology customizes messages, names, images, products -- the possibilities are endless. Below is just one example of variable data technology in action:

First Last Boxpic Box offer Singles logo Cigar image Address Csz Image location
{first} {last} {boxpic} {boxoffer} {singleslogo} {cigarimage} {address} {csz} {imagelocation}
Variable Data Postcard

Arrow Pointing to Datafile

Click a row of data above and watch the data change in the postcard to be delivered.


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